I told him I don want to discourage him and he basically said, don worry I know you will support me and that he will not be dettered by what I say to him. Not that I entirely agree with him. I think I do need to be more aware and sensitive to this delicate situation.Thank you for your advice and considerations everyone!! I appreciate it allBeing there will probably help his spirits loads.

cheap canada goose uk There nothing I would change about my Olympic experience. I am so proud of my sisters for achieving their goals. I achieved mine, becoming an Olympian, and I know I did everything in the race to do my best. 1 point submitted 3 days agoA lot of transplants move here and think everyone is on ”island time” since that what they experienced while in vacation here. So a lot of them think employers and co workers won give a shit if you get in at 7am and ditch the office/jobsite by 2pm to go surfing.I always understand why locals wait for me to earn my keep at work when they find out I a transplant. And I always am honest with the other mainlanf transplants at work when they whinr about it not being as ”laid back” as they thought it would be. cheap canada goose uk

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