They sparred verbally for twenty minutes. Both artists, with irony, masterfully capture the issues and positions taken by the opposing art camps, that of the East Coast the West Coast, of the late sixties. Traditionally New Yorkers had presumed non New Yorkers were provincial, and Westerners were ”paranoid and defensive about these positions”.

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The companies participate in a 100% pooling agreement. Utica Mutual, as the lead company in the interaffiliated pooling arrangement, assumes all combined premiums, losses, and expenses and cedes 1% of the business to Utica National, 2% to Utica National Assurance Co., 3% to Republic Franklin Insurance Co., and 5% to Graphic Arts Mutual Insurance Co. In addition, a common management structure is in place among the companies.

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The film festival takes place in the months of March and April, and runs for 11 days. It generally starts during the last week of March and ends in the first week of April. The exact dates for each year can be found on the Cleveland Film Festival website as they generally change it every year..

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