I get that this is a private religious school, and ”muh freedom”, but how is a lot of what the honor code office is doing actually legal? If the stories on the IG page are true, there are some HIPAA violations, at the very least. The church can afford expensive lawyers, so it seems unlikely that someone could take their ass to court. But oh, how I wish someone would..

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canada goose store Also the truth about addiction is not everyone can use certain substances recreationally, we have people that can’t drink socially without flying off the rails and that doesn’t mean drinking is bad https://www.canadagoosejacket-outlett.ca for the majority that can. For most people there is no ”at some point”, their casual poison won’t ever become a problem. Maybe if you make it hard enough, they might not do it, or maybe they will just get into worse trouble trying to get their hands on it.. canada goose store

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canada goose But you should realize what you’re doing when you make comments like you did. And if you did know and it was intentional, then other people should realize. Your comment amounted to ”what about the cia” and while they probably do shitty things, especially with shitty leaders canada goose outlet and no oversight, that doesn’t give other countries a free pass canada goose.

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