Top of pageIntroductionConcrete, brick, gypsum, stone, and other structural building materials have long been recognized as a source of radon in residential and other buildings (Ingersoll, 1983; Mustonen, 1984; NCRP, 1987b; Stranden, 1988; Khan et al., 1992; Lee et al., 2001; Sahoo et al., 2007). Given their low emission rates of radon and the potential for entry of radon into occupied areas to be impeded by surface finishes (for example, paint and flooring), most structural building materials have been thought to make a negligible contribution to radon exposures inside a structure (NCRP, 1987a, 1987b, 1993). However, with the increased use of natural stone as a functional and ornamental feature inside homes, such as a kitchen or bath countertop, it is important to determine whether these natural stones can be a meaningful source of radon in indoor environments.

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