16 points submitted 8 days agoboth times i smoked legal weed it been absolute garbage. The first time i bought a half quarter that cost me over $55 after taxes and delivery and it was so weak and dry that i smoked it all in two days (a half quarter normally lasts me at least a week). Second time was a pre roll that my friend had bought, and we both got such a headache from it that we swore off buying legally until they figure their shit out (which i expect will be never).if i can pay half as much to a MOM for cannabis that twice as good and have it delivered to me just as quickly, why on earth would i switch to buying legal stuff? ”it illegal” has never once stopped me from buying it in the past 15 years so it certainly won now.sakarri 458 points submitted 8 days agoMy parents never made that kind of money and I make more than that and I STILL feeling like I have no shot at home ownership, like zero.Your parents moved to Toronto when Toronto had a much smaller population and wasn considered a major financial and economic hub.If you want the same home ownership opportunities they had, then move some where that is today, what Toronto was like 30 40 years ago.

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canada goose uk outlet Regardless of brand or actual system, any rotary/jack hammer is a ”Kango Gun”. We have an ancient Hitachi kango gun that we use to core foundations to run water services. What a beauty that thing is. Haha, don make chlorine gas then. I not stupid enough to mix two chemicals in a bucket, but apparently I am stupid enough to to inadvertently mix too cleaners on the floor (it was the same brand, and the bottles looked similar, but one was a different formulation with bleach). I was scrubbing, when my lungs started to hurt. canada goose uk outlet

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Canada Goose sale But sometimes I can convince myself to do better things with my free time like organize a messy box stuffed in a closet. Or make a list of the places I want to travel to. I delete old or repetitive photos in my phone, balance my budget, call my mom or a sibling, start a thrift store box to shed some old clothes or books, plan what I want canada goose outlet to get people for Christmas, watch the birds outside, convince myself to go on a walk, plan some meals for next week.. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket I have 6 bodies to take care of already, I don need more unless they trustworthy enough to take a shift on watch without me panicking.I regularly donate to food banks and keep socks, undergarments and blankets for the homeless shelters when it needed. That is my recommendation, that way nobody has to know about your pile of supplies and you can still help out.Miss_Rayanne 6 points submitted 2 months agoLaw and order will eventually return in most circumstances. However, one can never say how long it will take or how it will manifest itself. canadian goose jacket

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