As the descent progressed, the flight instructor reported that vertical speed became excessive and forward speed became inadequate, and that the rotors appeared as individual rotating blades rather than a ”translucent disc,” indicative of decaying rotor rpm. A video recorded by police likewise showed vertical speed increasing and horizontal speed decreasing as the descent proceeded. A post crash examination revealed that the rotor blades suffered little to no damage along their respective spans toward the blade tips, which is consistent with low rotor rpm on impact.

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The thing I learned was some people can suck up to your boss behind your back without blinking an eye and cost you your job (I think the woman was fucking someone higher up the chain of command and didn like it that I was more influential with other employees without playing into her games.) When running into this kind of slimy person the reality is you might be better off looking outside of your company if pride is more important than game playing. I never stayed in a job i hated just to make sure I got paid and I been a single Mom to two disabled sons for many years. Prior to the recession of the late 80 I always kept 6 months pay in the bank for emergencies (I never worried about keeping a job as my field was always in high demand!).

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