And for what it worth, Enos offense at Eastern Michigan was pretty atrocious. It totally unfair to compare Enos offense at a MAC school to Freeze at an SEC school. So I am not going to compare the two directly. It is an opportunity for the Centenier (the head of the Honorary Police for the parish) to review the evidence and decide whether it is in the public interest for the case to be tried in the Magistrate’s Court. In doing so the Centenier will discuss the evidence with the accused person and, if the offence is minor, possibly agree a non statutory sanction which will avoid the need for the case to go to court. Attendance at the Enquiry is voluntary, the Centenier does not make a finding of guilt (a sanction is only imposed if the accused agrees, otherwise the case is sent on to the Magistrate’s Court) and at any time the accused may elect to have the case referred to the Magistrate.

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