Reflects on Lakers Cavs trade: ”I got to play in the Finals with one of the greatest players ever. I have no regrets about it. Love playing for him. Suffering must continue for some time yet. They will need courage and patience for their wounds to get healed.For the family of the murderer, their lives have been changed for ever. They will continue to hurt until the day they die.For the murderer himself, he faces a long drawn out trial period and then, if and when he is found guilty, if and when he is condemned to death, that itself will be a time of hell in some way or another.So much horror, so much unhappiness has been brought about by this senseless act of multiple killing.But can’t you just step back, let the facts sink in, share your sadness, your grief, your condolences, your compassion in whatever way you find possible? Instead of throwing your own prejudice into the ring and blaming, judging, condemning, showing so much hatred?If any one of you has some kind of faith, conviction, that attitude of forgiveness as expressed by those people of the Congregation, then let it have a genuine expression.

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