After two hours: In terms of pure longevity, Girlfriend wins out over Selena Gomez, although I should mention here that I am trying both fragrances fromnon spray sample vials, so your mileage may vary. Girlfriend still smells reasonably vibrant, and a bit drier and woodier than before. Selena Gomez is now faint and completely flat, but smelled up close, essentially still mimics food products I don’t want to eat much less smell on my skin (ok, I do like Tootsie Rolls)..

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A beautiful house fully furnished in the neighborhood This wonderful home has:

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1 dining room
1 large coxinha
1 service area
1 dispensary
1 Wonderful leisure area with barbecue and facing the pool 1 with lighting in LEDs, and with cascade of 3 falls 1 artesian well that supplies the whole residence (making almost unnecessary the water of the street).
1 circuit of cameras with online monitoring and super fence
House made all on the slab, blindex, plaster forró and
The residence is being offered with all designed furniture, appliances, electronics and bed table and bath (ie the owner only wants to take off the clothes).

The house is ready to live
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