Mendenhall, on the other hand, was not shy about his belief that NFL life was fleeting and generally pointed his kids in a different direction. This lack of emphasis on helping guys get to the next level is perhaps a major reason for the lack of Cougars getting drafted during Mendenhall’s tenure. While Sitake is still relatively young into his career cheap jerseys, his coaching tree has also been pretty limited.

In 1908, he attended the Canadian Olympic trials and qualified to make the track and field team and represent Canada in the 1908 Olympic games to be held at Shepherd’s Bush Stadium in London. Twenty three nations would compete, represented by 2,084 athletes. Compare that to the last summer Olympics in 2012 in London where 10,500 athletes from more than 200 countries participated.

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A: Probably my junior year of college. I was a sports management major and I was starting to get excited about the X’s and O’s side of it. In meetings, Jevon Kearse and Mike Peterson used to tell me, ’Hey, go sit next to your daddy,’ who was the coach.

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