Contract workers who buy their own health coverage and are struggling to pay bills without their paychecks may have less recourse, beyond asking insurers for a grace period in paying premiums. But there is no requirement that insurers grant such a request. ”We are currently exploring how to best address this issue should the shutdown continue.”.

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replica bags thailand Sign UpOur My Suburban Life Daily Update will send you all of the news you need to keep up with the pace of news in DuPage and Cook County.WHEATON Who says zoos are just for kids?Adults are invited to let their taste buds take a walk on the wild side at Cosley Zoo Uncorked. Guests will munch on hors d’oeuvres among bobcats, coyotes, pigs and horses, all while listening to live entertainment by Trio Life.”Cosley Zoo is obviously very family focused, for young kids and families, and we wanted to offer something that got the adults out to the zoo in kind of a different perspective,” said Margie Wilhelmi, director of marketing for the Wheaton Park District, which owns and runs the zoo.The event, now in its ninth year, has grown from about 50 people to more than 350.”We’re expecting even more this year,” Wilhelmi said. ”People have remarked what a unique event it is. replica bags thailand

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