He has incredible instincts, he tough, he loves to hit and rarely misses tackles. He has great technique and although he struggles at times in press due to his size, his technique and timing make up for it. He the best man coverage corner in this draft class imo, and when he plays in zone, he does an incredible job to play the ball whether thats forcing a fumble or making an interception.Byron Murphy has 13 PDs, 4 picks and 1 FF on the year.Greedy Williams has 9PDs, 2 Picks and no FF on the year.LSU is known for Corners and Arkansas is known for OL.

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No, I don mean the future as in flying cars or living on the moon, but those jobs which are counted among those that will grow and provide lasting employment in various positions and departments. These figures are based on the US News Picks for 2010 2020, as well as the US Federal Job Projections from 2008 to 2018.The Top 10 Jobs of the Future1. Biomedical engineering Biomedical engineering is the combination of medical technology and engineering.

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