This is where the story gets hard to tell. See, Coyote told me not to tell anyone his secrets. Some of what he told me was sad, some it left me howling with laughter, but all of it was fascinating. Adepts and Warp Prisms offered some aggressive options that required micro and multi tasking, instead of forcing the Protoss to cheese/all in or turtle until they had a deathball.Colossi were weaker against bio, and widow mines were stronger against chargelot+archon, so the transition from gateway based army to a splash damage based army was less severe, and the timing window where Terrans could be aggressive was larger; but Protoss was also less weak before splash damage options were out.TvP had issues back then as well; Liberators were overpowered for a while, and so were Adepts before the first few nerfs, but I think there was a sweet spot for a while when the matchup felt more dynamic and flexible than it does now. 12 points submitted 21 days agoI don understand this resentment towards balance discussion. I really don It a completely natural part of a community based around a game that has assymetrical balance and it been here as long as the game has, and it also a completely necessary part when it comes to improving the game and making it more enjoyable to play.But for some reason even mentioning potential issues with the game even when you back your claims up with statistics and examples has become some kind of taboo that immediately cause some people to put their fingers in their ears and yell some version of ”OMG STOP WHINING AND GIT GUD” on repeat until the discussion is over.I mean yeah, a lot of balance discussion is bad, since it based on emotional outbursts and subjective interpretations of specific games (I done that too), but that a reason to encourage GOOD balance discussion, not try to pretend balance discussion doesn and shouldn exist.I strongly disagree with the idea of having matchup specific MMR, for several reasons.The first is that it makes it a lot harder to actually gauge how well you are doing in each MU.

buy canada goose jacket There’s no meaningful contradiction.The substance of a thing is more important than an oversimplified and abstracted form. 2 points submitted 3 days agoBeyond practicality, it’s important to look at the philosophical justifications for criminal punishments.Immanuel Kant, to my understanding, argues that under the state, we are all allotted the greatest liberty as is compatible with the liberty of every other. When one commits a crime against another, they are using more than their share of liberty to restrict and diminish the liberty of their victim.Just punishment, then, is a matter of taking that excess liberty back cheap canada goose from the criminal and restoring the civic status of the victim. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Edit: As a law school graduate I am aware that there are things the system gets wrong. And even though I don know the specifics of Korean law, one thing I can say for sure is that intent and remorse is so hard to prove that it is best to leave it to professionals prosecutors. That the reason why I so against public outrage before trial.. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Both work. CBU is cheaper, but messier and more work. Membranes are more expensive but theoretically give better results. This story was given as a witness to the police on site.Later on DreamHack staff was able to get both parties to agree to settle this and move on. Loda wanted a guarantee that Richard wouldn spin this online which they both eventually agreed on.Since then Richard have according to me, spinned this as much as he can in all direction to try to become the victim and to bait people like me to overstep and react.Here is the truth from someone who witnessed this from a 1 meter distance and had to act with civil courage and wanted to settle this to move on without this being a public circus and popularity contest.Of course he isn objective, you don think he puts the business first when making PR statements about the incident? There is no way you would take someone word as objective in a similar situation if that person statement didn say what you wanted to hear.Is there actually a police report about the incident? Can you please link it? Im too stupid to find it. I thought the police was called, but they decided there was nothing worth pressing charges for and left?Getting in physical fights as an adult is really fucking stupid and means that at least 1 party is being an idiot Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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