The last thing that might raise questions though is the new title. The change in sub title was easy as I really wanted the purpose of the book in there: hence this became Harm Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety. The main title was changed partly because I wanted to make it obvious that this wasn’t just a minor facelift, but more than this, I wanted to follow my instincts..

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canada goose Centrist dems, moderate dems, social dems, all of them. All of their votes count the same in an election. If we have social dems that win primaries, I hope everybody turns out to vote for them in the generals. I run a high power, but not powered cube (like 8/10 if full powered is 10/10), and I feel similarly. I have kiki/twin, wildfire, aggro and a Tiny bit of storm (seething song, past in flames, but not any other rituals). I kinda want to bolster the storm stuff and add sneak and show, but to do that I pretty much need to either make my 360 into a 450 or let my colors be uneven canada goose.

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