I felt the same way when he brought up Tommy Robinson in the recent video. If you don bring it up, others will take the biased view they get from the other side and assume it the truth. You need to bring it up, lay out the facts, and show why the argument is bullshit..

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Annoying because in my case, the arbitrator literally just wanted to go 50/50, I get half my rent (I left, at his request because his sone was moving back home, on the 5th, right after paying rent. 3 days notice. If you push the lock button on your iPhone 5 times it pulls up an emergency calling feature as well as the phone owners emergency contact/medical information if they have filled it out.

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These are not rare events. Only last month, many businesses were found to be in violation of local, state, and federal wage laws nationwide. Many times, employers violate these laws out of ignorance rather than trying to get away without paying employees.

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