You might summarize all of the above as, ”No, you can translate poetry.” But I still prefer poetry in my own language, approximating the original as much as possible, over poetry in a beautiful sounding language I can understand. Maybe a good comparison would be a film adaptation of a book. Sure, the film is not the book, but it not something completely different either..

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Young families with strollers cheap jerseys cheap jerseys1, middle aged couples perusing produce and pies, senior citizens, grandparents and even small groups of teens were out to see what the excitement was all about. The space is large with tall ceilings, while well constructed light colored wood tones throughout give it that farm stand look with a focus on simplicity. Most of the workers wear traditional Amish garb, which provides that definitive Lancaster County ambience..

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Don think you get distracted, I think it opens you up, keeps you awake, and keeps you alive and into the now, said Bennett. Think it a blessing to be able to have that ability to do your job and also to do more. NFL declined comment when asked about the memo by Yahoo Sports.

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