8 points submitted 16 days agoBecause evacuating the engineering section saved more lives than probably sending them to engineering section escape pods. The warp core breach seemed to have happened pretty fast, and we know that the saucer section has its own engine setup, and while these escape pods are usually great, they probably couldnt escape as fast as the saucer section can AND survive.This is a surprise warp core breach, they usually fatal on screen (USS Yamato), and they very powerful explosions. This was so powerful that it changed the saucer section movements enough to cause it to make a nearly uncontrolled re entry onto the planet, when they were already in high orbit.

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wholesale nfl jerseys That basically means the love was always there and A was just being used.Cutting toxic people out of your life is your choice. Stand by it, support your friend, because out of all the people in this story, A is the one suffering the most. B and C can suck up their egos and take the blame from the other people, at least they have each other. wholesale nfl jerseys

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