Mouthwash Fort Mama just need to rinse the mouth with the mouth twice a day, the toothache will soon be stopped bad mouth you completely lose confidence in communication with partners
You gingivitis, bleeding root teeth due to excessive tartar.
Tea drinking habits, coffee, smoking causes dull teeth,
inflammation gums, tooth decay makes it difficult to eat. > The cost of a dental crown up to several million

The cost of a dental crown up to several million
Do not worry, there is a solution for the oral hygiene water for the dental crown

Cleans 99.9% of bacteria
Prevent tooth decay
Ingredients of benign

Removal of plaque on the teeth, prevent toothache
Prevent bad breath, teeth, bring back breath, teeth white ball ———————
DOSAGE: Each time use 10-15ml and should be taken about 30s to mouthwash can Dissolve the plaque


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