There is a difference between justification and explanation. Explaining how a bomb exploded does not justify it exploding. You seem to believe that it entirely in a person nature, he grew up in a vacuum, and he was simply ”born that way”. He didn add 18.6 million jobs or a $63B surplus; the internet did. Home ownership was at 67.7 percent because you had a massive expansionary period and low prime rates from the fed; not something you actually want to do as this is a recipe for inflation. Congress did at least increase taxes during the right time (expansionary period) under his tenure, so at least we have that.

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buy canada goose jacket CLEGANEBOWL! The undead Mountain fights off against The Hound. Except with a twist Melisandre will reveal that she was completely off base and the Prince Who was Promised, the one ”born of fire”, is going to actually end up being Sandor Clegane and she going to sacrifice herself to recreate Azor Ahai magical, flaming sword Lightbringer by having The Hound plunge the sword into her as the original Azor Ahai created his sword by plunging his sword into a woman heart. So Cleganebowl will be an almost literal battle between Light (The Hound as Azor Ahai reborn) and Dark (The Mountain undead through dark magic) buy canada goose jacket.

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