”As ridiculous as Trump acts and as clunky as his policies are this one actually makes sense. The purpose of the aid to start with was to stabilize the region, enable them to get their shit together, and make it so citizens didn have to leave. Instead the money has been spent in bullshit projects and stolen by politicians who then have the audacity to bite the hand that feeds them.

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canadian goose jacket If you look at pure popularity numbers on a list of 1 40 I think your picks make a lot of sense. But once they start rolling out the actual contests I think people will jump on for the meme potential of Tibalt killing Bolas, and I think fans of both Nahiri and Sorin (who have recently had a cheap canada goose decent amount of literature from what I read on the main sub) will both want them to line up in the finals more than Lili v some rando or whatnot. If there were a fblthp in the contest I would take him for the win, is all I am saying canadian goose jacket.

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