It was then that Soane met Maria Hadfield (they became lifelong friends) and Thomas Banks. Soane was now fairly fluent in the Italian language, a sign of his growing confidence.[25] A party, including Thomas Bowdler, Rowland Burdon, John Patteson, John Stuart and Henry Grewold Lewis, decided to visit Sicily and paid for Soane to accompany them as a draughtsman.[26] The party headed for Naples on 11 April, where on 21 April they caught a Swedish ship to Palermo. Soane visited the Villa Palagonia, which made a deep impact on him.[27] Influenced by the account of the Villa in his copy of Patrick Brydone’s Tour through Sicily and Malta, Soane savoured the ”Prince of Palagonia’s Monsters nothing more than the most extravagant caricatures in stone”, but more significantly seems to have been inspired by the Hall of Mirrors to introduce similar effects when he came to design the interiors of his own house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.[28] Leaving Palermo from where the party split, Stuart and Bowdler going off together.

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