replica ysl His newest book addresses this concern: It’s titled ”Top Down: Why hierarchies are here to stay and how to manage them more effectively” (Harvard Business School Press, $29.95).”Hierarchies can be powdered and perfumed, but in the last analysis, they still can lay off 10 percent of their workers and you can’t do that in a democracy,” said Leavitt. ”They are as real as the air we breathe and often as impure.”However, the professor also adds that hierarchies, despite their drawbacks, are ”surprisingly efficient in getting big, complicated jobs done.” And they continue to exist perhaps even to increase despite the fact that many workers feel alienated, which can hurt productivity.I asked Leavitt how employees, who are at the bottom of the pyramid and Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags the food chain, can cope in such an environment.”You have to understand that in the last analysis you have a boss and develop savvy about what aspects of the organization you can control, such Yves Saint Laurent replica bags as informal relationships and networking,” he said. ”Don’t assume that you are perfectly replica Yves Saint Laurent free to say and do whatever you want. replica ysl

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