My friend I both have similar rings we were both told they might be military. Mine (the bird) belonged to my grandpa, supposedly from the Korean War. I think his is a fish. Let hope this time news programmes won follow every mention of the march with an interview with a brexiteer parroting the same BS that ”we already had a vote”, ”the people have spoken”, ”it would be antidemocratic to have another vote” and ”you can keep asking the same question until you get the result you want” with no one to present the other side of the picture.Bit of a weak checking system but not uncommon.It possible they are combining this with IP and MAC address checks but they are easily changed or spoofed.I think it perfectly possible using my laptop and home PC to create a hundred thousand signatures in about 24 hours. I kind of tempted to do it this weekend just to prove it a problem. 5 points submitted 23 days agoBut May deal isn the only way out of this situation.

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